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Otaku Bars: The Box Set

by Chaos Network

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[Intro] Yeah Incoming: Otaku Bars Bars from the realest in the game The remake in 2021 I'm back better than ever Harder than ever Stronger than ever More revolutionary Time to take off Shoutout to Gentian on production Mvjor on engineering Let's get it [Verse 1] [Chaos Network] The title says what's coming through So you can't say I ain't warn you I'm Otaku that means I'm dedicated To my passion it's like my medication That's Anime A different animation by the Japanese Their imagination Have me energized I feel an admiration An appreciation And it feels amazing [4] OK now that's out the way There's a couple things that I need to say There's some hate thrown at Otaku People online like they unstoppable But in real life you know they ain't shit They hating 'cause of what they can't get Life's incomplete, they're missing happiness It ain't our fault you ain't finding it [8] So come correct that was all wrong I had a lot of patience now it's all gone You not with the movement move along In Otaku zone I am not alone You Otaku Nation ima call your home And ima let you know that we is going strong Nothing in this world will be stopping us Tell them burglars don't think of robbing us [12] Nigga what you thinking? Check the front door Anime posters what you looking for? Need some Hentai? I got that! Oni Chi Chi and that Bible Black! I stay Ecchi nigga that's a fact I'm just being natural in my habitat Bring your girl over it'll be a wrap She will come to me cause I know how to rap [16] I hit Gentian and we made the beat Guess it was fate we stay making heat At the Roundtable there's a couple seats For XB and Okami Bee That's the team here at Otaku Nation And we put in work to reach our destination And we moving quick there's no contemplation There's a conversation then we get to racing [20] What's the purpose for it check the mission statement We don't want a lot we never complicate it Little compensation World domination Building generations Of Otaku sanctions God told me people need saving I will be a hero that will bring changes Make impacts and reach all ages Hit all stages Break all cages [24] This next level Otaku shit Ain't no way somebody stopping it Eight gates open no one locking it In a hater mouth put a sock in it Hit your neighborhood you know we rocking it This some history we need to document Otaku Nation you know I'm an occupant In the future I can see a providence God told me I'll rise to prominence Otaku Bars yeah [Intermission] [Chaos Network] Chaos Network Otaku Nation on the track going crazy We here we taking over Let's get it
[Intro] [Chaos Network] Yeah Incoming Otaku Bars Let's keep it going [Verse] [Chaos Network] Otaku Bars you in the mix My people know I do this shit Haters talking it don't stick They some lames we don't click Anime been the wave A lot of niggas been delayed The wagon broke we got a train Now this shit going insane All of my ninjas they lit We watch Anime we not playing with this I cut off my phone you not reaching my line Anime on you not wasting my time These girls want affection but show me your list Girl what do you watch and how long can you binge You don't watch Anime then we cannot be friends I'll give you some shows that I can recommend All of my realest they know what it is Been living this life and we started as kids Naruto running from school to the crib The TV was mine 'cause I been calling dibs Megaman Yugioh Dragonball Z Zatch Bell Naruto Toonami Ramen and sandwiches salami And I wouldn't take breaks but I had to potty Yeah I really been 'bout it so I'm rapping about it They asking me why I be really astounded This shit is so dope you not with it you crazy You see all this action the shit is amazing Story so deep have you feeling some way Get hit in the feels have you feeling all day Head nodding to the music pressing replay Take a look at the lyrics see what they say And that's just Anime I ain't got to the Manga A lot of these Anime video games That's all that I play that's how I got started So many hours playing the gameboy Battle Network that's Megaman Headphones in don't give a damn Battlechips send time to jack-in Better tap in Don't ask when [Outro] [Chaos Network] Let me breathe Y'all get the point This Anime Otaku life is real life An experience Stop playing Chaos
[Verse 1] [Chaos Network] Otaku Bars, version 2.0 And I'm coming in with a different flow But the topic stays, that'll never change The Otaku Life, this not a game This is not a drill, this is very real Man I'm rapping 'bout how my people feel Niggas talking shit, that's without a doubt like "Otaku shit? That's what you rap about?" Hell yeah, nigga you snoozing This a takeover, nigga, you losing We coming to your area, nigga we moving This a mu'fuckin' culture, niggas been proved it We staying with the passion Staying with that action People get to asking It's semi-automatic Thinking fans of Anime living hella tragic Our numbers running rampant Niggas hopping on the wagon We in this bitch for the long haul Got Otaku Nation on a phone call Let the mission start, there's no time to waste I been ready for it, see it on my face Ima unify the whole human race And ima do this shit because of Anime Spreading positivity that's what I do But my mom and dad did not raise a fool A lot of people tried, a lot of people died I got God and Anime, they on my side I'm not worried 'bout who I have to face I'm not giving up and that's my ninja way I got a PS4 and I love to game But when it comes to this, there's no time to play You don't know me, watch what the fuck you say Consume Anime like food on a tray I'll fall straight into darkness If you talk to me like you’re retarded Anime sits where my heart is It was there for me at my hardest When I was growing up as a target Got into fights I never started Found happiness in a cartridge So reality, I disregard it I made my own and now I'm satisfied I really do this shit, no need to fantasize It's been written down, it's been notarized Oh you didn't know? I'm here to notify I'm here to represent, I'm here to get it lit And if you talking shit, I hit you where you spit Because you're disrespectful Nigga I will wreck you Put you in a test tube You wanna test dudes? Then there you go Keep it on the low All the hating shit Why you hating bitch? Is it jealousy? Curiosity? I can get you in And show you how we win After signing on You can't go wrong You gon play this song You gon sing along You won't be alone You'll be in a zone This where you belong Welcome to your home And that's the realest shit [28] [Intermission] [Chaos Network] Yeah. Niggas talking hella shit about Anime and Otaku Culture. Shut y'all bitch asses up. We got our lane. You stay in yours. If the problem's that serious, pull up....come do something about it. [Verse 2] I came back ‘cause they need it My Otaku that be streaming This the message you been seeking These verses lit, call it a beacon I'm prosecuting all the heathens Talk down on Anime, that's treason You in my face? Now you tweaking One Punch'll leave a nigga leaking You beating me? You really funny tho You niggas slower than my Crunchyroll Come swing a fist, I watch it buffer slow Restart my punches so you suffer more I'm packing premium, who want the smoke I got a lot and you can overdose I bring the pressure like a water hose Leave a nigga in a comatose I speak with A+ enunciation Get me in the booth with Funimation I'll spit some shit that's hella underrated But I'm ending rappers like a punctuation Who think they're tough and wanna try next? I'm bout that action like I'm Gainax You fighting me, for you that's high stress Ima die a legend, you gon die stressed Flip a nigga like he Manga Run him over with a Honda Put a nigga under You don't really want the drama Weebs crying for they momma You talking shit Make a nigga do a hit Turn a nigga to a lick You tough on the book Catch yo ass on foot I look and now a nigga shook You niggas are cooked This is the mission Terminate opposition There's no stopping the vision And God is a witness My life is this culture Fuck all of the posers Represent and I show it And the world will now know it [Outro] Yeah This how you do it man Real Otaku Rap shit Get with the program Otaku Revolution New Age Otaku Rap music
[Intro/Bridge] [Chaos Network] (Otaku Nation on the track going crazy!) (You get this beat from Gentian A1?) Yeah Chaos Network Uh Anime (Anime yeah!) Bringing me blessings (Giving me gifts) Gave me direction (I now have a map) I come with a message (I come bearing news) I'm feeling my bestest (I'm feeling my best) I know it was destined (I'm know I was chosen) I know where I'm headed (I know where I'm going) So mission accepted [Verse] [Chaos Network] I'm back and I'm in it Know it's been long I been gone for a minute Put to the test but you know that I'm winning I stumble I fall I get up and I finish Watch Anime and my soul is replenished Hating on Anime know you are sinning (Lord have mercy) Ima pray for a minute Pray that your soul find what it's been missing And I pray you find what you've been gifted You missing the picture this picture is big Look at the kids how that grew up on this Look where they are where their happiness is Look what they do with the life that they live Whether they spend it all day at the crib Or go to conventions and meetups and chill See that they're moving and feeling the thrill Wanna know energy here it is real All of the interests All of the passion All you can do It's feeling like magic You feeling bored It'll never happen There's too much to do so get up and get cracking We really into it so let's get to moving Call up the gang Anime what we choosing We go get snacks we about to go stupid The night will be long but it's worth the amusement Anime Manga (yeah) We love it so much see the drama (the story) Video...games (aye) Them Anime fighters insane (yes) Cosplay go crazy Anime fan girls they look amazing (Amazing) On my life I swear all of this saved me (Saved me) I thank God for this life that he gave me A testimony that's walking that's me and I'm proud Otaku I claim it you see it I'm loud Been put through the wringer might not have came out But I'm here there's a lot that I will preach about (I'm here) The Nation my team they remain by my side We reppin Otaku 'till we not alive We carry a wave that's one hell of a ride No stopping go faster kick in overdrive This passion I have give me strength give me power I watch Anime power raise by the hour I'm focused I'm zoning the basic they cower They look at my aura I look like a tower I give it my all I reach for the stars Surpassing my limits I plan to go far The vision is clear I can see my tomorrow I am revolution I gotta go hard
Otaku Bars 3 03:22
[Intro] Yeah The realest of real Otaku Bars 3 The Otaku Gospel Listen well Third chapter in this bible My Otaku we been idle Now we unify and we go viral Grateful for this life and all the trials Represent Otaku yeah I'm prideful Real like the messiah his arrival Focused on the mission not a title Changing people's lives make 'em smile 4 How I started I'll tell them Chicago Uptown I'm hailing I moved around a lot like a felon When I had friends it was seldom Cards I was given never dealt them Feelings that I had I really felt them No one I could go to and tell them Grew and as I grew I sort of left them 8 Mom and dad the battle of attrition Perseverance through the hard decisions Holding onto no supported vision Family is strong when members listen As a child I had to be a witness (to) Tragedy where family is splitting(and) Arguing and fighting is consistent Punishment for sins not committed 12 Even though the game was set on high And I broke down many times and cried My story I can use to lift a life A spirit in the dark that need some light I been there done that deal I always keep it real The truth and time will heal My past I broke that seal 16 [Intermission] I cracked the seal on my history To let you know briefly of what I had to go through to get to where I'm at now Anime was a profound assist This is the Otaku gospel I opened that seal on my history And all of the weight on those memories I thank all the ones that befriending me Through Anime God has delivered me Otaku I love all that energy The passion the knowledge and synergy I channel that energy into me And preach about how that's a win for me [Verse 2] [Chaos Network] I preach about how that's a win for me Anime being a force that keep pushing me Blessing me over and over I'm filled with abundance No resting for me so I'm up and I'm running My people support me I love you all for it I give back a lot so the pot will keep flowing No stopping the movement keep going keep going Keep going Keep going Keep going Keep going Otaku Nation my brothers in arms We coming through someone sound the alarm We on a mission kind of building a farm Impact the world we will do it with charm We here to represent the life of Otaku You listening? Then please know that we got you There's people 'round who is down to just knock you And knock you down they can't do they can't stop you Even though we don't all get along We come together when it's time to put on The love we have for this passion is strong Your happiness one can't tell you it's wrong The characters and the story inspire The art the visuals we really admire The music lyrics on par with a choir So much Anime but we do not tire Shake my head at the people not with it It feels good to just know that I'm different Believe in me I can say that I did it And looking back I can see my world shifted This lifestyle I can swear that I live it And all the joy in these moments are vivid To live without I can't see myself living To give it up I can't see myself giving [Outro] [Chaos Network] Yeah I can't see myself giving Anime up man It's done too much for me Gave me inspiration to be a greater version of myself Inspired me to make the music that you hear now Real friends A strong support system Goals Dreams Hope I'm grateful Amen


The expansion pack for Chaos Network's "Incoming: Otaku Bars" hit single released in 2016. Expanding upon the freestyle with rap with no hook and some brief intermissions, hard hitting beats, and focus on lyrical content reflecting Chaos's experience with Otaku culture.


released June 24, 2021

EP (Extended Play) by:

Chaos Network

Written By:

Chaos Network

Executively Produced by:

Chaos Network (Incoming: Otaku Bars [Box Set Edition], Incoming: Otaku Bars 1.5, Otaku Bars 2.0, Otaku Bars 2.5, Otaku Bars 3)

Produced by:

Gentian A1 (Incoming: Otaku Bars [Box Set Edition], Incoming: Otaku Bars 1.5, Otaku Bars 2.5, Otaku Bars 3)

Musicality (Otaku Bars 2.0)


all rights reserved



Chaos Network Chicago, Illinois

Chaos Network is an American Otaku rapper, songwriter, record executive, record producer, and entrepreneur from the North Side of Chicago, Illinois. Chaos Network makes Otaku and Anime Rap music, rap music about and/or inspired by the subculture known as "Otaku," and its main media, Anime. He represents the fans of Anime and the culture of Otaku in the music industry. ... more

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