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Anime Otaku Drill Vol. 1 (Feat. Sakura God)

by Chaos Network

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Anime Otaku Drill Vol. 1 is a single created and released in 2017 and marks the completion of Chaos Network's fusion of Chicago Drill and Otaku Rap. Anime Otaku Drill is all about being able taking the dark, gritty nature lyrical content of Chicago Drill, it's dark toned sound, and aggressive delivery and reference Anime and Otaku Culture. A showcase of skill in lyricism, lyrical content, delivery, and presentation.


[Verse 1]
[Chaos Network] [0:38 - 2:26]

Two hands like I'm Revy (Pow! Pow!)
I'm all about the fetti yeah
Cut a nigga like I'm Levi (Whoosh!)
Tell them titans they ain't ready uh
Dragon slayer in the bedroom
Asking Lucy what the head do (Head do)
I'm a God like I'm Saiyan blue (Saiyan blue)
Better watch what you saying fool (Yeah)
Coming in like I'm Black Star (Black Star)
Speed Racer in a NASCAR (Vroom)
Swing the fist of the last star (The last star!)
I'm Berserker with a class card (Include!) (Install!)
Death God yeah I'm that hard (That hard!)
Drown a nigga in some black tar (Ugh!)
Niggas really wanna act hard (Act hard)
When they trapping out a flask jar (Flask jar)
Niggas really think it's alchemy (Alchemy)
When it's really just a travesty (Travesty)
I inform so they asking me (They asking me)
Host an information gathering (Let’s get it!) (Let’s go!)
Mask on like Kakashi ay
Keeping dogs in my possi ay
Chidori make a nigga sloppy ay
I'm just a hero for a hobby yeah
Part-time like the Devil (Ugh)
Cook a nigga in a kettle ay
Playing cards like the Pharaoh yeah
Always keep my winnings narrow yeah
Gun Gale on the highway
Scope a nigga out his driveway (Toot)
Sword Art on a Friday
I'll slice a nigga talking sideways (Whoosh)
Hide a nigga like I'm Kabuto
Deliver to you like it's Dominos (Dominos)
Otaku Nation we know how to roll (How to roll)
Put in work to make it out the cold (Let’s get it)
Write your name in my Death Note
Give you something worse than Death Row (Death Row)
What the hell I need to rest for? (Rest for)
I'm always looking for the best flow (Let’s get it)
Homunculus in the flask (Flask)
Always staying with that gas (Gas)
You talking shit are you mad? (You mad?)
I'll beat yo ass like I'm dad ugh
Team deeper than the Triad (Triad)
I'm selling Manga you should buy it (Buy it)
I'm cooking niggas like I'm frying (Frying)
You claim you better why you lying (Ahhh)
Sharingan in my eyes (Eyes)
I'm finna watch a nigga die (Die)
I'm finna see a momma cry (Cry)
Show to the funeral disguised (Yeah)
In the shadows call me Shadowman (Shadowman)
You wanna battle we can battle then (Let’s get it)
Smack a nigga with a battle fan (What?!)
Then rock the crib a nigga rattle in (Nigga)
Assassinate a nigga classroom (Toot toot)
Bring his family a fast doom (Toot toot toot)
Watch his girl and her ass moves
I ain't shit no one asked you
Otaku taking over finally
This lifestyle has been kind to me
I'm going harder than a diamond ring
And I’ma get to all of the finer things

[Chaos Network]

Otaku Nation on the track
Let's get it
My boy, Mystic Spitta
My protege, turned teammate
It's Team Otaku Trendsetters now
Show them how we do it bro

[Mystic Spitta]
You already know bro
It's Team Otaku Trendsetters in this bitch

[Verse 2] [2:52 - 3:32]
[Mystic Spitta]

Bitch I'm like Light with the strategy
I got the juice like a battery
Born with this skill
Boku no Hero Academy
Maro manipulate gravity
Think that you passing me?
Bitch I speed past like Takumi
Japanese bitch she a groupie
Wrist wet like Tsukiumi
Bands blue like a subi
Tool by my side like I'm Hanzo
Stay with the mask like a hollow
Wolf like I'm Holo
Heads'll be red no Mikoto
Walk in and kill your whole dojo
Perfect Susanoo
On your bitch screen like a combo
She let me hit in the condo
Snakes on me Anko
Fill her with wood like a dango
I stay inside her like Sato (Hah)
Genos with the tech (Tech)
Grimmjow when I flex (Flex)
Young Nabiki in the flesh (Bitch)
Always counting up a check (Ching)
Dark Magician in the deck (Yuh)
Tea love to give me neck (Whoo!)
Frieza underneath my neck (Bling!)
Bitch I'm lupin with the lead (Pew pew)
Two blades like I'm wrath (Blades)
Yeah I'm Stein in the lab (Cook!)
Take your bitch in the jag (Whoo!)
Itasha printed on the back (Back)
Hentai in a stash (Ooo)
Doujins in the bag (Ecchi)
Team rocket finna blast (Blow)
Yeah we coming for that ass (We lit!)

[Chaos Network]
This how you do it
Real Otaku Rap Shit
Anime Otaku Drill Wave
Kill a nigga with the Anime references
Let's get it


released October 31, 2021
Song by: Chaos Network

Lyrics by: Chaos Network, Sakura God

Produced by: Musicality

Executively produced by: Chaos Network


all rights reserved



Chaos Network Chicago, Illinois

Chaos Network is an American Otaku rapper, songwriter, record executive, record producer, and entrepreneur from the North Side of Chicago, Illinois. Chaos Network makes Otaku and Anime Rap music, rap music about and/or inspired by the subculture known as "Otaku," and its main media, Anime. He represents the fans of Anime and the culture of Otaku in the music industry. ... more

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