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Otaku Bars 2​.​0

by Chaos Network

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A fusion of Otaku Revolution and Otaku Drill music. Empowerment to fellow Otaku, brief explanation of Otaku Culture and characteristics to outsiders, and a warning/taunt to haters of Otaku.


[Verse 1]
[Chaos Network]

Otaku Bars, version 2.0
And I'm coming in with a different flow
But the topic stays, that'll never change
The Otaku Life, this not a game
This is not a drill, this is very real
Man I'm rapping 'bout how my people feel
Niggas talking shit, that's without a doubt like
"Otaku shit? That's what you rap about?" [4]
Hell yeah, nigga you snoozing
This a takeover, nigga, you losing
We coming to your area, nigga we moving
This a mu'fuckin' culture, niggas been proved it
We staying with the passion
Staying with that action
People get to asking
It's semi-automatic
Thinking fans of Anime living hella tragic
Our numbers running rampant
Niggas hopping on the wagon [8]
We in this bitch for the long haul
Got Otaku Nation on a phone call
Let the mission start, there's no time to waste
I been ready for it, see it on my face
Ima unify the whole human race
And ima do this shit because of Anime
Spreading positivity that's what I do
But my mom and dad did not raise a fool [12]
A lot of people tried, a lot of people died
I got God and Anime, they on my side
I'm not worried 'bout who I have to face
I'm not giving up and that's my ninja way
I got a PS4 and I love to game
But when it comes to this, there's no time to play
You don't know me, watch what the fuck you say
Consume Anime like food on a tray [16]
I'll fall straight into darkness
If you talk to me like you’re retarded
Anime sits where my heart is
It was there for me at my hardest
When I was growing up as a target
Got into fights I never started
Found happiness in a cartridge
So reality, I disregard it [20]
I made my own and now I'm satisfied
I really do this shit, no need to fantasize
It's been written down, it's been notarized
Oh you didn't know? I'm here to notify
I'm here to represent, I'm here to get it lit
And if you talking shit, I hit you where you spit
Because you're disrespectful
Nigga I will wreck you
Put you in a test tube
You wanna test dudes? [24]
Then there you go
Keep it on the low
All the hating shit
Why you hating bitch?
Is it jealousy?
I can get you in
And show you how we win
After signing on
You can't go wrong
You gon play this song
You gon sing along
You won't be alone
You'll be in a zone
This where you belong
Welcome to your home
And that's the realest shit

[Chaos Network]

Yeah. Niggas talking hella shit about Anime and Otaku Culture. Shut y'all bitch asses up. We got our lane. You stay in yours. If the problem's that serious, pull up....come do something about it.

[Verse 2]
I came back ‘cause they need it
My Otaku that be streaming
This the message you been seeking
These verses lit, call it a beacon
I'm prosecuting all the heathens
Talk down on Anime, that's treason
You in my face? Now you tweaking
One Punch'll leave a nigga leaking [4]
You beating me? You really funny tho
You niggas slower than my Crunchyroll
Come swing a fist, I watch it buffer slow
Restart my punches so you suffer more
I'm packing premium, who want the smoke
I got a lot and you can overdose
I bring the pressure like a water hose
Leave a nigga in a comatose [8]
I speak with A+ enunciation
Get me in the booth with Funimation
I'll spit some shit that's hella underrated
But I'm ending rappers like a punctuation
Who think they're tough and wanna try next?
I'm bout that action like I'm Gainax
You fighting me, for you that's high stress
Ima die a legend, you gon die stressed [12]
Flip a nigga like he Manga
Run him over with a Honda
Put a nigga under
You don't really want the drama
Weebs crying for they momma
You talking shit
Make a nigga do a hit
Turn a nigga to a lick
You tough on the book
Catch yo ass on foot
I look and now a nigga shook
You niggas are cooked [16]
This is the mission
Terminate opposition
There's no stopping the vision
And God is a witness
My life is this culture
Fuck all of the posers
Represent and I show it
And the world will now know it [20]

This how you do it man
Real Otaku Rap shit
Get with the program
Otaku Revolution
New Age Otaku Rap music


released February 16, 2019
Song by:

Chaos Network

Produced by:



all rights reserved



Chaos Network Chicago, Illinois

Chaos Network is an American Otaku rapper, songwriter, record executive, record producer, and entrepreneur from the North Side of Chicago, Illinois. Chaos Network makes Otaku and Anime Rap music, rap music about and/or inspired by the subculture known as "Otaku," and its main media, Anime. He represents the fans of Anime and the culture of Otaku in the music industry. ... more

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