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(Red Drive) x4

[Verse 1]
Whether it's with girls or with striving in this world
I will do my best until the end
That's when my death comes swooping in
And even then I'm not giving up
I'm staying tough
A contract? With the devil? No
I'd rather go to heaven tho
Being human has its perks
Life is simple when it works
Sometimes slammed into the dirt
Sometimes love can show your worth
From happiness to sorrow
Being full to being hollow
Fluctuations are a must
So our brains won't turn to rust
We start off within bliss
Given momma's hugs and kiss
You get older then you miss
That warm feeling in the midst
It's too precious to let go
Your drive can now take hold
Protect the happiness you know
Allow your strength to then unfold
Let's go

This drive will take me far I see it in my wish
This drive is like a car you see it moving quick
I can go to hell and back with this
Red Drive [x4]


[Verse 2]
Red because the many things it mean (that it mean)
Red because the fire burning deep (burning deep)
A young black man with a dream (with a dream)
Better go while the light is still green
There's not a lot of time left here
Everybody stressed here
Hard to stay blessed here
We really need to rest here
A war is closing in on us
And I am looking in disgust
I wonder when it'll end with us
The sins of man keep building up
Jumping into the depths of hell
When can I leave? Only time will tell
Got a club with me and they standing by
Occult Research team, they ain't tryna hide
We move as one, that's synergy
Boost and transfer, that's energy
Everyone here is like kin to me
Drive red like the house of Gremory
Angels fell down and befriended me
Fallen angels mixed with a different breed
Holy devils live, contradicting things
Now the balance breaks due to different dreams
But I'm not changing for anything
As I fight against many different fiends
And I'm dodging many different types of beams
Red Drive, this what it really mean!
Let's go

This drive will take me far I see it in my wish
This drive is like a car you see it moving quick
I can go to hell and back with this
Red Drive [x4]


from Anime Revolution: The Beginnings EP Part 1, released January 20, 2017
Produced by Aataze




Chaos Network Chicago, Illinois

Chaos Network is an American Otaku rapper, songwriter, record executive, record producer, and entrepreneur from the North Side of Chicago, Illinois. Chaos Network makes Otaku and Anime Rap music, rap music about and/or inspired by the subculture known as "Otaku," and its main media, Anime. He represents the fans of Anime and the culture of Otaku in the music industry. ... more

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