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Field Ignition (Crossing the Fields pt. 2) (ft. Dejay Garcia​)​)

from Crossing the Fields: The Series EP (1 Year Anniversary Edition) by Chaos Network

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Part 2, being the sequel, to "Crossing the Fields;" continuing the story of Sword Art Online by loosely summarizing the experiences of the Deuteragonist of Sword Art Online II, Sinon (Shino Asada), and Kirito (Kazuto Kirigaya). Chaos Network takes on the perspective of Sinon, and rapper Dejay Garcia envelopes Kirito's point of view. The song uses Anime song singer Eir Aoi's "Ignite," which was used as the opening theme song for Sword Art Online II, as the foundation of the production of this song.


[Chaos Network]

Chaos Network
We're still crossing these fields
The journey's gotten harder
But we'll cross farther
Let's go!

[Verse 1]
[Chaos Network]

Loss, Love, Lessons
All these L's I'm taking makes lose more than I'm gaining
I'm entering a game and it will put me in a section
Only ones that understand, are on the road to something grand
I'm grateful for the chance to try and better what I am
Many doubts run through my mind, I'm losing space with all I cram
Every time I get ahead, something puts me in a jam
And I'm fighting my own fate so there's a chance I might be damned
But let's go!
With nothing to lose I walk this path
Motivated by my past, and the dreams that I grasp
I fight the fear in my heart, a weapon that I used
It can be used for good, an option I won't always choose
I'm imperfect
Yeah I know
But that's good
Now I can grow
I won't take things for granted
I'm not scared to take a challenge
Death will always be the enemy
Life always takes my energy
Live and then I die
Or do I die and never try?
This journey got harder without warning
I'm supposed to play the game, but things are stopping me from scoring
The struggle is the story
I can use it as a power
Source of all the suffering will not be hinting any louder
Load this Nato in my Hecate
The second someone blinks at me
They'll feel the pain
It'll go way
As quickly as it came
Life and Death they correlate
What's the plan to formulate
Do I fight the system?
Knowing that creates an issue
Double meaning
Since the level has increased
My resolve will match it's speed
I'll light up the fields I leave
And grab a rose to help me breathe
As I'm walking past the trees
I quickly study what I see
I might be too deep into things
You can blame "reality"
My emotions is the bullet
I'm the gun, the trigger? Pull it
This world is so confused
A bomb that needs to be defused
I started Crossing Fields early
Innocence left in a hurry
Air is blue because of sorrow
Shoot past that into tomorrow
Then Ignite!!

Ignite!! [x2]

[Chaos Network]
Shooting these emotions (these emotions)
Talking to my God, he said I'm chosen (that I'm chosen)
Even though we know I'm feeling broken (feeling broken)
I'm fighting for these dreams that I'm holding (that I'm holding)

[Verse 2]
[Dejay Garcia] 2:16 - 2:46
Ran through a death trapped field
This gun and sword I wield
Part two of the sequel this time I'm In my feels
Answers I long for on this hill
Stalemate I'm at standstill
Steady gripping this trigger I'm sweatin' bullets
Just pull it
The devil's testing God's blessing
I crossed a field with dual weapons I gave new hope with a message
And learned life's love with a lesson
I'm broken down with a frown
Still I smile just like a clown
I hate showing my weakness
Why I never back down
Yet I make the same mistakes
Get played like video games
I swear I'm addicted to pain like prescriptions my last name
With all the Ls that I took you would think that I'd be insane
Instead I'm crossing a plane Igniting to go away

[Chaos Network/Dejay Garcia]
Slow it down
May these fields ignite
My desire to live my life
All of my struggles don't seem right
So I'm fighting with all my might
I need to grab my closest friends
Cause I need their help again
Doing this alone, I cannot win
I ask for your support until the end
To beat the game that we're in
Use the power made from within
Concentrate, shoot with precision
Illuminate, start Field Ignition

To beat the game that we're in
Use the power made from within
Concentrate, shoot with precision
Illuminate, start Field Ignition

[Chaos Network]
Shooting these emotions (let them free)
Talking to my God, he said I'm chosen (up to me)
Even though we know I'm feeling broken (paying fees)
I'm fighting for these dreams that I'm holding (I'm holding dreams)


from Crossing the Fields: The Series EP (1 Year Anniversary Edition), released July 26, 2020
Song by:

Chaos Network

Lyrics by:

Chaos Network, Dejay Garcia

Produced by:

Killing Spree




Chaos Network Chicago, Illinois

Chaos Network is an American Otaku rapper, songwriter, record executive, record producer, and entrepreneur from the North Side of Chicago, Illinois. Chaos Network makes Otaku and Anime Rap music, rap music about and/or inspired by the subculture known as "Otaku," and its main media, Anime. He represents the fans of Anime and the culture of Otaku in the music industry. ... more

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